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117. after engine problems in the car we were intending to drive back to england in, we had to fly back for a family wedding. We arranged for our beautiful five year old golden retreiver to travel back in a pet taxi.
Ithey advertised air conditioned travel and pet friendly hotels. He died of heat stroke somewhere in France. Nothing could replace our beautiful boy but I want to make sure that no one has to go through the pain that we are going through. How can we do this .
We live in la maraina, elviria part of the year. - nancy holdswort 03 - 07 - 2009

You could try filing a report against the pet transport company before the Consumer Board of the Junta de Andalucía to check that the company holds all the necessary permits and licences to trade, although clearly the impact of such action in terms of negative publicity for the company would be minimal. You could also file a claim for damages against the company although as you say nothing can replace the loss of your dog. It would be useful to examine the terms of the agreement in which presumably the measures and guarantees safeguarding the welfare of animals are established.

115. After 15 years at frequenting Torremolinos in Southern Spain I would like to report some cheating and dogy dealings from a couple of bar landlords. The 'cheating stealth' happened in front of my very eyes.
I should very much like to expose these unscrupulous, extremely 'dogy'characters in the 'Sur in English'.
This is to save unwitting people from lining their pockets with more 'ill-gotten' gains.
Please advise how ??? - F. Dale 27 - 06 - 2009

We would need to have some further information concerning the type of swindle which you have witnessed in order to advise you more fully.

106. I have read in 2 Spanish newspapers printed in Spain in English that the Patrimonia Property Wealth Tax is no longer payable for non-residents.
Can you cofirm that this is correct? I have owned an apartment in Spain for the last 30years but have never received any income from it.
What is my tax situation? - David Thomas 22 - 05 - 2009

It is true that after 2008 Wealth Tax is no longer payable either by residents or non-residents. However if you are non-resident the mere ownership of a property in Spain gives rise to what is called a “presumed income” taxable annually and calculated as a percentage of the official rateable value of your property which should be declared using form 210.

105. In Torremolinos I was pushed into buying a raffle ticket but did so willingly as the landlord had been fairly okay with me, and others, allowing us to have small 'tabs' which could be paid up on the next visit.
His mate, a neighbouring landlord, appeared out of the blue and drew the winning ticket which was of course the owner's who was supposedly running the lottery.
My ticket for one euro was 986 - does this mean that there were 1,000 tickets sold at one euro each ??? That's a lot of money to steal.
On a bundle of tickets there was one, right in the middle, right at the very top PLACED sticking ot like a sore thumb so even Stevie Wonder would have picked it. It was drawn ever so quietly and underhandedly at half-time between the Everton versus Man Yoo semi-final. A fitting time when most would have had so much drik they wouldn't, or couldn't be bothered (?)
Can I do anything or do I have to put it down to 'one of those things and spend my spondoolics elsewhere.
- Fred Dale 21 - 05 - 2009

Any type of raffle or lottery involving the sale of tickets to the public requires a permit from the regional government in Andalusia which regulates such activities and involves the payment of a charge to that authority by the establishment running the raffle. You are fully entitled to report any breach in the regulations to the Junta de Andalucía who would then investigate the matter and impose any corresponding sanctions on the landlord.

85. My business operates in the UK and I am a UK citizen can I extend my business to Spain although I will not be resident here. Do I need anNIE?
Can I open a Bank a/c in Spain? - Elizabeth Anne 09 - 02 - 2009

Yes, you can start a business in Spain without having to be resident here. Yes, you would need a NIE and this would be required when opening a bank account. In addition you would have to notify the tax authorities of the commencement of a business activity in Spain. You may also wish to consider the legal form adopted when commencing trading, ie it may be in your interest to set up a Spanish company as otherwise you would need to register as a self-employed person.
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