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‘Amigos’ tour Benahavís’s police stations
Friday, 11/14/2008 - 16:33 -

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Representatives from communities in Benahavís visited the municipality’s new police premises last week*. A tour of two new station houses – one for the Guardia Civil, the other for the Policia Local – had been arranged for the residents’ association, Amigos de Benahavís.
The new purpose-built Guardia Civil offices and accommodation blocks occupy a site at the top of the village and are due to be formally opened in the near future. The visitors were shown the superb new facilities including gymnasium for the officers and cells for detainees!
On the opposite side of the road the new Policia Local offices are more modest but already operational. As previously reported, plans are in hand to increase the size of the municipality’s local force next year but crime levels have already seen a levelling off thanks to improved surveillance and greater mobility for officers.
According to Don Manuel Romero Perea, the town’s co-ordinator of security, the problem of abandoned cars has been a priority this year with no fewer than 50 being removed for destruction. He encouraged residents to report any vehicles suspected of being abandoned when the police would take appropriate action.

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