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Armed Robbery
Thursday, 06/26/2008 - 15:27 -

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Last night two young women staying in one of our apartments in Nueva Andalucia close to the Bullring at Puerto Banus were subjected to an armed robbery. The women were going to get a taxi into Banus when they noticed a motorbike with two young men staring at them when they drove past them. The bikers returned and drove towards them. The pillion rider got off and ran towards the woman, grabbing one of the girls handbags and then pointed a gun to her head. He then grabbed the other womans arm and was pulling her away...either to take her with him or to take her handbag...she resisted as best she could but then took her bag and ran off. The driver of the bike picked him up and the girls were left in a dreadful state. The security guard at the development was informed by a fellow resident who then contacted the police.

Last year a similar incident happened when two women were attacked and a handbag was taken as they were heading back to the apartments.

This is of major concern and I wonder just how many other incidents have been reported like this one.

Obviously this is quite serious and I, like the women involved are thankful that they are both ok and that nothing worse happened to them.

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