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Burrito's fifth anniversary!
Sunday, 06/29/2008 - 13:15 -

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El Refugio reaches its 5th anniversary!

The protector of donkeys and mules ‘El Refugio del Burrito’ has begun to prepare the celebration for its 5th anniversary since it was officially registered as a national spanish association.

It was the 3rd of July 2003 when the association first joined the National Register of Associations with the number 170773. Since then, El Refugio del Burrito, with the economic support of the British Charity ‘The Donkey Sanctuary’, has investigated over 500 cases of abandonment and abuse, with many of these investigations resulting in the rescuing of the affected mule or donkey. El Refugio del Burrito is caring for more than 160 donkeys in its refuges located in Fuente de Piedra (Málaga), Bodonal de la Sierra (Badajoz) and in its holding base, known as ‘Scooby’, in Medina del Campo (Valladolid).

El Refugio del Burrito also promotes the use of donkeys in therapeutic programs aimed to children with special needs, with a mobile unit based in Málaga, and due to commence when the next school term starts, a new permanent Donkey Therapy centre based in the city of Córdoba.

The events and activities planned in order to celebrate this anniversary will take place on Saturday the 5th and Sunday the 6th of July in Fuente de Piedra.


In El Refugio del Burrito

18:30 Reception and visit of the sanctuary

20:00 Walk to the town (Donkeys against cholesterol)

In the town square

Popular fair

21:00 Bar service

Performance from the local dance group


In El Refugio del Burrito

10:00 Andalucian style breakfast

10:30 Donkey therapy demonstration

11:30 Awarding of diplomas

Entrance and participation is totally free thanks to the sponsors, the town hall of Fuente de Piedra, the ´Horno El Antequerano´ and the factory of olive oil ‘La Laguna de Fuente de Piedra’.

There will also be raffles and draws in order to raise funds for the Donkey Therapies and Activities for children with special needs. El Refugio del burrito would like to invite all friends and supporters to celebrate this special day.


more info: 952735077

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