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Age Care Association news
Monday, 05/26/2008 - 18:09 -

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At a recent meeting the President of Age Care Association, Charles Betty, was pleased to announce that Baroness Llin Golding has agreed to become the new Honorary President of the Association. Baroness Golding has been associated with the Costa del Sol for several years and enjoys her regular visits to the coast.

A training meeting for volunteers was recently held at the Tamisa Hotel, Mijas Costa, which was attended by two members from the British Consulate. The volunteers were given a good working background of the ways in which the Consulate is able to help in various situations and were introduced to a member of the new International Pension Service Team in Spain.

This is a new exciting partnership between the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and Department for Work and Pensions which has a base located in the British Consulate in Malaga. The team is aiming to work closely with Age Care to help people understand how to access benefits from the UK and also how to contact the relevant UK department for pensions, contributions, etc. If you are unsure about contacting the UK on any of these issues please telephone the British Consulate and ask for the International Pension Service Team, who can give you the relevant information.

Age Care Association is based in Fuengirola but covers the Province of Malaga. If you wish to contact the Association please telephone the Help Line 691 761 088 or for more information check out the web page at

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