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Los Claveles. A closer look at young Sevillian painters. CHIRIVELLA SORIANO FOUNDATION
Monday, 06/30/2008 - 17:37 -

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The exhibition 'Los Claveles. A closer look at young Sevillian painters' hosts 50 pieces of art by 26 painters from Seville at the Chirivella Soriano Foundation in Valencia, from 25th April to 7th September 2008.

'This is a group of artists which while it has not been acknowledged as a group or generation and does not have a will of sharing a similar base or line of work, it does keep a common characteristic. We could describe it as a type of imagery. As well as words and phrases, elements that only make sense within the language they belong to, there is also an imagery where the elements that conform it could have only been born and acquire their meaning within and for a certain environment, even if they always maintain a desire of universal projection. The artists share similar teachings and a similar feeling of rebelion against those teachings; they share reference points and scenarios many times visited. As Michel Hubert Lépicouché well says, Sevillian artists paint without a bad conscience or regrets, infusing each piece of art with a philosopic lesson 'from the perspective of the vital and peculiar experience of this city'. '

Iván de la Torre Amerighi
Excerpt from 'Vengo buscando pelea', 2008

Los Claveles. A closer look at young Sevillian painters:

Antonio Godoy, Cristóbal Quintero, Miki Leal, Matías Sánchez, David López Panea, Rubén Guerrero, Eugenio Heredia, Felipe Ortega, José Miguel Pereñiguez, Fer Clemente, Javier Martín, Manuel Antonio Domínguez, Manuel León, Marcos Bontempo, María José Gallardo, Alejandro Durán, Cristina Lama, Miguel Cabeza, Gloria Martín, Ming Yi Chou, Montse Caraballo, Patricia Ruiz, Pedro Delgado, Ramón David Morales, Rorro Berjano, Ruth Morán.

Catalogue captions:

Mariano Navarro, Juan Ramón Barbancho, Iván de la Torre Amerighi, Álvaro de los Ángeles.

Los Claveles. Seville

Los Claveles is a project developed by Sevillian-born artists. The project stands on the web site and the exhibition 'Los Claveles. A closer look to young Sevillian artists', which allow both the general and specialist public to access the extraordinary young painting scene in Seville. This is an important new wave of Andalusian artists who are curently enjoying an excellent momentum at home and abroad.

Centre for contemporary art - Foundation Chirivella Soriano

The Foundation Chirivella Soriano was born in 2005 with the intention of exposing the Spanish contemporary art. It is located at the Joan de Valeriola palace, a fourteenth century building in the centre of Valencia. It also hosts the collection of contemporary art Chirivella Soriano, which contains more than 620 pieces of art from the end of the Spanish civil war, and which is regarded as one of the most remarkable art collections in Spain.

'Los Claveles. A closer look to young Sevillian painters'
27th April to 7th September 2008

A project in cooperation with Foundation Chirivella Soriano, Ministry of Culture, Junta de Andalucía, Generalitat Valenciana, Ajuntament de Valencia, and the magazine MU. // // //

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