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Costa del Sol DFAS & Nerja DFAS March lectures
Thursday, 03/03/2016 - 13:13 -

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Leipzig: Architecture, Art and Music - JS Bach, Mendelssohn and Wagner
Monday 14 March 2016, Salon Varietes, Fuengirola at 16.30
Tuesday 15 March 2016, Cultural Centre, C/ Granada, Nerja at 18.00

Leipzig is renowned for its music, and a galaxy of composers and conductors with whom the town has significant associations. J S Bach (1685-1750) was Cantor at the Thomas kirche and wrote for its celebrated choir much of his sublime music. Felix Mendelssohn (1809-45) was for 11 years conductor of the Gewndhaus Orchestra which plays on to international acclaim. This lecture, with musical extracts, traces the city’s vibrant musical legacy. Lecturer: Dennis Moriaty

Tuesday March 15 at 10.30
Danish Club, Urb. Haza del Algarrobo, Carretera de Mijas
Granada; a story of the Opposite Hill. A walk through the Islamic Granada in the 15th Century.
Lecturer: Rafael Anderson.

Tuesday March 22 at 11.00
Museo de Nerja, Plaza Espana, Nerja
The art and architecture of the Khmer Empire, 6th to 13th centuary. Lecturer Michael O Brien

This lecture includes a brief account of the geography, the historical sources, the language and religion of the Khmers and traces the development of the empire from small Indianised states in the 6thc. to the establishment of their capital in the Angkor region in 802 and on to its demise after the middle of the 13thc. I will show how their sculpture and architecture evolved during this time. There are hundreds of temples and other structures at Angkor, three of the most significant will be discussed in more detail, Banteay Srei (967), Angkor Wat (early 12th.c) and The Bayon (early 13th c.)

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Visitors; 10€

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