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Fire in the hills above Mijas on Sunday
Sunday, 10/12/2008 - 15:43 -

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Around lunchtime today (Sunday 12 October 2008), I strolled out onto the terrace, and noticed that somebody was burning their garden rubbish down in the valley ... at least I thought this was the case.

Unfortunately the fire quickly spread and was threatening several houses in the area. We called the Bomberos and they sent out a fire engine, who had trouble getting to the area of the fire, and they decided to call out a helicopter to sort out the situation.

We then had an interesting view of the helicopter, scooping water from a nearby farm water reservoir, carrying it across to the fire, and then dumping the water on the fire. Unfortunately it was misty, so the video is not very clear. It shows the helicopter scooping up water and then flying over to dump it on the fire... then leaving again for another load.

The situation was resolved with only minor damage to the surroundings and all houses luckily survived.

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