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Gospel Choir in Malaga
Thursday, 02/26/2015 - 17:34 -

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We are starting an ecumenical community Gospel Choir in Malaga. It is a group of people who love music and glorifying God. Gospel music consists of two parts, gospel and music. The choir is open for everybody who wants to share their talent for singing and playing instruments. You can also be a part of this choir in Malaga. Just let us know - come and join us!
We are looking for choir members, people who want to glorify God and like singing.
We are also looking for musicians who want to share their talents.

We meet on Saturdays in Malaga city at 10am.
We meet in St Patrick parish, C/ Abogado Federico Orellana 2, 29002 Malaga (the entrance through the gate opposite Oportunidades Málaga). If you can't find us ask anybody in the church.

More about the choir:

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