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Hostages of Spanish Property Scandal
Tuesday, 02/03/2009 - 17:09 -

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A Petition to the British Prime Minister on behalf of British people who are victims of the well-publicized Spanish property
scandals and abuses, is being compiled. Petitioners ask Mr Brown to address the Spanish Prime Minister directly and
voice his disdain for these abuses. Petitioners also ask the PM to support a call to the EU for Sanctions on the
Kingdom of Spain until these abuses are stopped and justice is delivered. This Petition will also be presented to the
European Parliament, pressing for EU intervention. An alleged triangle of corruption involving developers, real estate agents, and in particular Lawyers who have not given their clients the correct legal representation, is highlighted in the petition, which contains a dossier of supportive facts.

Many have purchased property in Spain without being protected by a Bank Guarantee, the Law in Spain since 1968.
Those who do have this 'protection' find that Banks in Spain are not honouring these legally-binding Guarantees, which
leaves them with no choice but to take lengthy and expensive litigation in an attempt to get their money back. Many
Petitioners are eager to sue their original lawyers for collusion and negligence, but cannot find a lawyer in Spain who will enable this action. Thousands of illegal properties in Spain are now being brought into new Town Plans (PGOUs).

Judges are ruling in favour of some developers, leaving the off-plan purchaser who refused to complete on an illegal property years ago without redress and facing many thousands of Euros in legal fees, including those of the developer.

Some of these developers have previously been charged with bribary involving back-handed payments to Town Hall officials, to build on greenbelt or 'rustic' land.

To date, 75% of Petitioners have paid deposits totalling 13.2 Million Euros for properties that are now classified as illegal, or not even built many years later. 24% of Petitioners have discovered that they have completed on illegal properties.

These properties cannot be re-sold and face possible demolition. For these owners their homes are now worthless, as it is illegal to live in a property in Spain without a Habitation Licence.

Suzanne Wyatt, compiler of this Petition, says ' The figures quoted are just the tip of the iceberg. Many of us
feel like powerless hostages, while criminal actions are being legalized. Developers who have built illegally have
repeatedly postponed court cases, and been allowed to Appeal on Judgements against them, when they have clearly
broken their own Spanish Laws. They are being given far too much lenience by the Spanish Judicial system, deliberately
causing as long a delay as possible within the courts, until they are eventually granted Habitation Licences for said properties. EU Laws have undoubtedly been breached, and we believe that EU Sanctions are now the only way to force the Kingdom of Spain to clear up this mess, deliver justice, and restore the well-known British love and respect for Spain and her people'.

Supportive signatures and personal experiences are encouraged via a dedicated website:

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Thursday, 01/01/1970 | 01:00
Charles Fitzhugh
It's about time. Why doesn't the British government, via its diplomatic and consular offices not just work harder to protect the interests and property of its citizens here, but apply direct pressure on the Spanish authorities to clean up the mess their bad laws and practices have created in the first place? It is good to learn that some courts in this country are belatedly starting to apply EU law (when they aren't on strike). But this is far too little and very late in the day. Fortunately, the current actions in the EU courts may force the pace as may the recently adopted AUKEN report in Brussels.
Thursday, 01/01/1970 | 01:00
Shakeel xxxxx
Its about time that' Sur' gets involved in its Journalist capacity to support
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