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Saturday, 10/20/2012 - 16:00 -

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On Sunday 14th October, I was in Mijas Pueblo with my husband and sister, walking along a tree-lined path, when something hit my husband from above. It was brown and unpleasant looking and my sister and I immediately thought it had come from a bird up above. A small man appeared and told my husband he could show him where the toilets were. The man was clean, looked like a tourist and sounded South American. My husband followed him and we went after them, but when my husband came out of the gents without his shirt on (which he had rinsed out) he wanted to go to the first shop to buy a teeshirt to cover himself. When he opened his wallet to pay he realised what had just happened. He had been robbed. €530 (extra cash to pay a builder the next day) had been taken from his wallet and the wallet had been returned.
Three days later, a neighbour told us that the same thing had happened to his friend in Benalmádena, but this time the man (with the same description) took him to a toilet in a restaurant. There seems to be a group of three, with at least one woman (whom we saw in the public toilets in Mijas Pueblo).
I feel that more people on the Costa del Sol need to be made aware of these scams. Thank you.

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Thursday, 01/01/1970 | 01:00
veijo veijalainen
Pickpocket tried to get my pocketbook while his companion asked me help to lift a baggage. Luckily I noticed it before he got anything. It happened in my everyday shop Mercadona.
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