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R.K.JUDO club keeping busy
Wednesday, 07/01/2015 - 16:52 -

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Its been a busy few weeks for the raiders at R.K.Judo club, this time here in Spain attending 3 different venues for tournaments and training.
First was the annual Torneo de Judo de San Roque. An event the club has been invited to for the past 11 years. This friendly run event involving 4 or 5 clubs from surrounding areas and children aged 4 to 13 years, boasts very well for our club. This year was our best to date with a medal tally of 10 gold, 5 silver and 4 bronze. Super work from all the kids.
Next was a club visit to La Linea Cai Club. An invitation to their fin de curso evening. What a great night, training, technique and fighting with 3 other clubs, always a good way to learn. The evening ended with a friendly competition and yet again our kids showed off their excellent judo. Medals were awarded to everyone that participated with most of our 14 club members gaining 1st place, with a noticeable recognition of their judo.
Last but not least was a trip to Almeria for the first ever Torneo de judo playa. Not sure what to expect, we took 6 players to battle on the sand at an event which was mixed Judo, Jujitsu, sambo and wrestling. The rules were swayed more to wrestling, but this did not put our youngsters off. A quick talking to and lesson of techniques and moves they could be up against proved that judo really is a dominant sport. Fantastic experience, really enjoyable and outstanding results. Jack Hemsley our youngest, with no competitive background as yet came away with 3rd place bronze. Ben Barkby just got beat in the final by being swung around like a swing ball, so taking Silver. Samuel Portuese, his first competition away, fought brilliantly only losing to his club mate Ryan to take Silver. Ryan Whitehead, held the first Gold of the day after a super performance of technique and ability to adapt the throws. Another Gold for Tom Whybrow, showing that tatami or sand, it doesn't matter he can still pull off what he does best. To Finish our oldest and only female Lisa Lindberg age 13, ended our 100% medal tally with yet another Gold. Lisa showed strength, technique and maturity in her fighting having to deal with a black belt wrestler (Lisa only green), who she showed that nobody is unbeatable.
Outstanding performance by all. Well done Raiders yet again.

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