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Spa Day Raises €580 for homeless and hungry
Tuesday, 10/21/2014 - 14:04 -

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On Saturday 18th October, holistic therapists from the region gave their expertise, free of charge, in order to raise money for the hungry and homeless in Malaga.

A Spa Day was held at the garden centre Viveros Algarrobo, on the A356 near La Viñuela, where seven therapists offering treatments as diverse as reflexology, reiki, shamanic healing and deep tissue massage, helped raise €580 for the Food for Change project.

The event was organised by Maggie Culver who regularly collects donations and delivers food to Ángeles de la Noche in Malaga – a centre where the poor and homeless are fed daily.

Thanks should go to therapists: Debbie Roberts, Eileen Roberts, Maria Gabriela, Renate Grafer-Baetz, Jenny Wright, Gaby and Mo.

Thanks also to Karen from Rumours Hair Salon in Puente don Manuel for a donation of clothes, and to Tai-chi Jane for her donation.

Huge thanks to Maria and David from the Viveros Algerrobo garden centre who allowed us to use their function room and grounds, free of charge.

This is the third such spa day in the last twelve months, our total donated to date is €1,515.

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