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Spa Day Raises 550 euros for Hungry and Homeless in Malaga
Wednesday, 04/27/2016 - 18:11 -

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Holistic therapists from the region once again freely gave their expertise at the fifth charity spa day in April to raise money for the hungry and homeless in Malaga. The event was hosted by Las Orquideas boutique hotel in los Romanes.

A total of 550€ was raised from treatments and donations.

Over the last two years, these spa days have raised a total of 2,580€ for Los Angeles de la Noche food kitchen, which feeds up to two thousand people a day. The grand opening of their new Comedor (kitchen and dining hall) in Malaga will take place on Saturday 14th May, providing proper facilities to replace the Portakabins and street stalls.

Thanks to Monica at Las Orquideas, and to all therapists who generously gave their day and their services to the project: Eileen Roberts, Mukta Cameron, Maggie Culver, Howard Slade, Gaby Engelberger, Keith Tomlin, Sue Stevens and Tracey Webb

The next spa day will be early October 2016.

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