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Stop Gibraltar-Spanish border queue
Monday, 08/27/2012 - 09:45 -

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Stop Gibraltar-Spanish border queue.
For a mass of smugglers that do not support the economy, real workers should not suffer. We cannot have the same rights as the ones who do not want to work. We are not animals. Just open 4 lanes of exit for motorcycles and hire more Guradia Civil agents for this job. As simple as it is to open another gate and hire 3 more agents, it would solve this crisis.

Spain and Gibraltar have been fighting over the rock for years now; they even fight over fishing rights. With each fight between the politicians from Madrid and Gibraltar, normal hard working people have to suffer more and more, it's like nobody wants us to be here any longer.

When entering Gibraltar, huge queues need to be passed to go to work, as the airport's flights are scheduled at crucial crossing hours (8 am and 3 pm when people are heading to work), no matter that the 20,000 workers pay the Gibraltar government more than 3 million GBP per month as average taxes.

When going back to Spain, the Guardia Civil's border control has intensive controls against drug and cigarette smugglers, no matter that the decent hard workers - who have an average salary of 12,000 GBP per year - spend all of their money in Spain. An average of 120 million GBP is brought into Spain by the commuters each year, money which goes to the area of Andalucía which has been so hard affected by the crisis.

And still, no matter how much money we spend in both countries, we, the working class, have no decent rights and are held in temperatures of 40+C for hours at a time.

Due to the political crisis, and to the smugglers, we are all in the same pot.
More than that, as the queues are bigger and bigger, people have already started to get health problems from all the car and motorbike fumes they are inhaling, and some even have heart problems.

Not only is there the problem of waiting like cattle in the queues, but there is also the chance that terrorist acts may occur in such dense standing crowds. Let's remember that no more than two weeks ago AlQuaeda members were caught here and some of them were crossing the border on a daily basis. Nobody cares if one suicidal motorbike stops in the middle of the more than 400 bikes queueing or 500 cars.

I've been working in Gibraltar for five years already and I can tell everyday is worse and worse.

All the governments are doing is to push us to the smuggling industry so at least they have a good reason to check us all.

For no more than 1000 smugglers as a reason, they keep us waiting like animals with no rights no matter the fact we pay for the Guardia Civil's salaries.

A solution would simple but they just refuse to implement it. They could easily open 4 rows for bikes instead of 1, and the time spent there would be minimised. This would only mean needing to hire 3 more agents instead of just one.

There is a lot of space to change the shape of the exit too, it is just that they do not want to do it.

Maybe, if all the workers sign a petition, the Spanish government will turn its face to the real people that support its spendings.

Please have a look at the following petition.

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Thursday, 01/01/1970 | 01:00
emilian pogaci
I know it pretty well nothing will change.Only 65 people signed the petition since I posted it....only my office has 120 people affected by it and still.We live in an idiocratyc world driven by greed and stupidity.Nobody cares what's right or wrong,what's normal and what's not.

We all have same routine,we go to the office,we queue on a grey rainy day,we try to find a place to park the car(frankly I have no idea how dumb can the gibraltarians be to build a huge parking space right after the border when logic dictates that it should either be in the center or none at all...who would be dumb to take car in,park it there and only to wait at the queue)and swearing the town hall,working a dull 9-5 shift,queing back,commuting for 1 hour,going back home,grabbing a bottle of wine,sipping a glass on the sofa while zapping on the 10000 channels that show nothing.There is no hope,no soul left inside those inert bodies.We just wait for the time to pass so we can die at the end.
Thursday, 01/01/1970 | 01:00
John Flannery
I agree 100% with everything that you have said. Apart from that, how far can we be from the day when some crazy, frustrated person will run amok and take revenge on the innocent queuers rather than the Spanish Guardia Civil or Government?
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