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Successful Dutch network formula now in Malaga
Monday, 09/29/2014 - 13:47 -

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Good news for all women who live and work in or close to the city of Malaga and would like to get to know new inspiring women of all nationalities: the networking concept Bites & Business will start in Málaga on Thursday October 16th.
Dutch entrepreneur Marijke Krabbenbos founded Bites & Business (B&B) seven years ago in Amsterdam. Her formula became so successful that Bites & Business now is present in over twenty Dutch cities. This inspired Krabbenbos to move her formula abroad. And the first city outside The Netherlands will be Máalaga.

In Malaga city coordinators Joyce van Ombergen Jong ( and Else Beekman ( will organize the Bites & Business dinners.

What is the Bites & Business formula?

• A dinner every other eight weeks on a different weekday for working women (employed or self-employed)
• Every dinner will take place in a different restaurant in the city of Málaga
• Price per dinner is 25 euros. This includes food, drinks and organisation costs
• As B&B rather gives the inspiring participants time to connect, network and exchange ideas by using the Envelope Method©, there will be no speaker.
• You will know exactly who is coming and what their profession is through a list of all participants. This list you'll receive a day in advance.
• The common language will be English!
• There is no membership fee

What is the Envelope Method©?

The idea is a simple form of crowdsourcing. Every participant will find an envelope on her plate. On this envelope she writes down a question, asks for a tip or a solution to a problem she is facing. The envelope is passed to every other participant at the table. All participants write down - if possible - answers, tips, contacts or suggestions. In the end everyone goes home with an envelope filled with useful information.

Want to join?

The first Bites & Business Málaga will take place on Thursday October 16th in restaurante La Deriva in Malaga. The address is Alameda de Colón, 7 (barrio ‘Soho’). Very close to the historical city center, the train station and the bus station. Closest Parkings are El Corte Inglés or Camas. We start at 19.30h until 22.30h. Price € 25,- all inclusive. This first time the amount has to be paid in cash at entry.
For more information and sign in visit, send an email to or call Joyce on +34 663157784 or Else on +34 645470740. Maximum number of participants is 24, so please register as soon as possible.

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