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Why does no one protest about the Circus Berlin?
Friday, 07/19/2013 - 13:16 -

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Yet again I see the dreadful Circus Berlin parked up in San Pedro right next to Mercadona supermarket. This circus has been denounced so many times because of its disgraceful abuse of animals and still the authorites allow it to continue. It drags its tragic cargo, which includes endangered wildlife, big cats and elephants, around the coast, in rusty trailers not fit for animals. There is a European ban on the use of wildlife in circuses and stringent laws are applied to the exploitation of animals in animal acts yet the towns of Andalucía seem to ignore this legislation and no one seems to challenge that. Circuses with animal acts have no place in the 21st century - it is barbaric and unnecessary. Wildlife should not be abused in this way and if people want to see lions and elephants they should visit safari parks where the animals have space to roam in specially adapted environments.

Some time ago a group of animal lovers tried to protest about this circus and were met by a violent response. How can it be that no-one here does anything to help these animals? It should be the responsibility of the local authorities to stop this circus and not grant them permission to park up in San Pedro or anywhere else. Most importantly the animals should be taken away and given a better life. . So come on people who live here - don't leave it up to tourists like me to awaken you to this terrible tragedy that's right here on your doorsteps - help these animals. Stop displaying their posters in your shps, bars and restaurants - that would be a start.

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Thursday, 01/01/1970 | 01:00
Kim Cardines
Could you give alternative job to those Berlin Circus workers? If yes, then I am with you, but if not, think twice.
Thursday, 01/01/1970 | 01:00
graeme stanford
in this day and age, the majority of tax payers reject this abuse of animals and we should expect nothing less from the authorities to demonstrate the same moral standards as their paymasters. come on guys, lets show the world that respect for animal welfare is of paramount importance in a modern society. do the right thing and ban these torture merchants and educate them to find more respectful employment.
Thursday, 01/01/1970 | 01:00
carol duquemin
I fully agree, there is no place for this kind of circus, these animals should be cared for in animal parks or somewhere more appropriate.

I am very disappointed in Sr.Nozal, he should not be making these statements without following through. I live in Marbella and am delighted
to hear that they would not give a licence. Come on Mijas join the ban.
Thursday, 01/01/1970 | 01:00
Michael Owens
I agree 100% with Lynn. I spent many years investigating circuses in Spain especially Circus Berlin for their continued animal abuse. Unfortunately, as long as the local authorities keep issuing a license for them to perform in their area, and people get a kick out of seeing animals suffer it will continue. Many years ago when I was President of a large community in Mijas, my Administrator was Angel Nozel, now Alcalde of Mijas. We had many discussions on circuses and the use of animals in fairs, including the Mijas donkeys. In those days, Sr. Nozel always said that if he ever was elected as Mayor of Mijas he would ban performing animals of any kind and remove the donkeys from Mijas pueblo. Now that he is Mayor nothing has changed.

The donkeys are still there and this week the Circus Berlin has set up once again in La Cala de Mijas. Sr. Nozel, you should practice what you breached! It's all very well spending a fortune on trying to give Mijas a better image but please remember what Mahatma Gandhi said 'The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.' Marbella has just banned performing animals of any kind, so let's hope that other municipalities follow their decision, especially Mijas.

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