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Wednesday, 09/03/2008 - 14:31 -

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Why is it that when i apply for job in spain i dont get any answers from the employers,i always send a c.v with letter in spanish and english and still get no replies,even the english companies are the same.If they was in england we would bend over backwards to help the foriegners but here we cant even claim unemployment benefit i thought we was all in the eu if we are then the spanish goverment should read the rules.

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Thursday, 01/01/1970 | 01:00
Ivan Alcaide
I am spanish. I had a company for 7 years. Paid 'autonomos' like 230 Euros every month for social security which I never use as I have private medical insurance. Now I was force to close down the company and do you think they will give me unemployment benefits ?? no 1 euro.
I was living in London for 1 year and about CV is much more the same, the only difference is that in England even if you have a good english
speaking some will not take you because your english is not good enough. Here you will find a place without even speak a word of spanish.
So please don't tell us to read rules, it is an offer/demand rules and they are even in advantage for native english speaking foreigners.
We are living a big crisis so wish you good luck, persever and stop complening.
Thursday, 01/01/1970 | 01:00
Henry Andersen
Well said? No not at all! The rights are the same for all EU citizens. However how the individual countries deal with outside EU applicants for unemployment benefits, and social welfare is up to the country in question, i.e. this time Spain. When it comes to EU citizens you have same rights as a Spanish citizen - however poor those services and funds might seem. They are the same as any Spaniard gets. However if you have not paid INTO the Spanish system you're of course not entitled to anything. Your benefits are liked to where you actually paid in for unemployment benefits, and those benefits are cut off after as far as I can see three months abroad in the case of most EU countries.
Thursday, 01/01/1970 | 01:00
Ricky Jackson
You should read the thing properly before you state that i am sponging of the goverment,and in england you do get replies ,so before you comment get it right i dont want or need money fron the spanish goverment i was just commenting on the way things are here for all to see so every-one else who applies for jobs knows the way the system is here,.
Thursday, 01/01/1970 | 01:00
Why on earth do you feel that you should claim benefits? That is part of the problem with Britian unfortunately, they are paying out too much to people who aren't entitled because the UK is soft!
Thursday, 01/01/1970 | 01:00
Henry Andersen
Further information can also be found on
Also got a job seeker portal which might be useful but the job market in Spain can be difficult unless you do speak FLUENT Spanish at least if you are to work with a Spanish firm.
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