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meeting to establish andalucia network of animal refuges and charities
Sunday, 09/06/2009 - 15:01 -

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There will be a meeting in november to look, at the possibilty of setting up a network of animal refuges and charities throughout andalucia.
Nick Bishop from Pepis dog refuge in Pedrera and CHAIN are working to organise the event which will be held in the Antequera area.
The network will enable the exchange of information,advice and expertise
The combined purchasing power of the network will enable cost reduction in the area of animal food,cleaning materials,medication and even vet bills
The netwok will be a powerful pressure group for animal welfare and the fight against cruelty and ill treatment
By linking with each others web sites more animals can be re-homed
The large network would meet maybe once or twice a year but sub-regional groupings on a more regular basis
There is already a lot of interest and the media are very keen to be involved
Anyone wanting further information about the network conference should contact Nick

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