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AAF dog shelter closure urgent appeal, SPAIN
Monday, 01/05/2015 - 19:43 -

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Animal Aid Foundation (AAF), Spain
Dog shelter closure urgent appeal
Due to personal circumstances, the owner of the Animal Aid Foundation (AAF) animal shelter in Benifaio in Valencia, Spain, Naomi Jacobs, is no longer able to continue running it. We urgently need all the support we can get to help about 60 dogs that are living with Naomi to be re-homed and/ or re sheltered.
The AAF has, for more than 20 years, been rescuing thousands of dogs from different areas in Spain, and Naomi’s parents, founding Dutch couple Leen de Ruiter and Annelies Jacobs, have always tried their hands at new projects to bring in well-needed money. Following the tragic death of Leen in March 2011, Naomi Jacobs left behind her life in The Netherlands to support her mother in running the centre, and eventually took over. Unfortunately she is no longer able to continue.
All the dogs live in groups, separated by gender, and are used to living with other dogs. They are not used to living in small kennels so immediate adoption would be the best option and fostering with families would be greatly welcomed too. Transport within Spain, to The Netherlands and Germany can be organised if needed.
Every person or organisation that can adopt, support re-home or re-shelter just one dog (or more), that can help with transport (within Spain, to The Netherlands, Germany or the UK), can help spread the word, or that would like to donate to help with the transport costs will help avoid any of the animals be put down.
Visit our website on this link [] where from January 2015 we will continue to update and add the dogs for adoption.
Please do not hesitate to contact any of the contacts below.

Naomi Jacobs, Animal Aid Foundation (AAF), Valencia, Spain
P: (0034) 692 232 352

Femke van Iperen (UK)
T: +44 (0) 1329 832 856
M: +44 (0) 7896 339 141

Please note that the Animal Aid Foundation (AAF) is a registered organisation. Registered as: Animal Aid Foundation (AAF), Benifaio (Val) Spain/ Spanish Registration no: G97618789/ Dutch registration no: 04074202

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